Clear persuasive English for the Swiss and French finance industries

Content your clients will enjoy reading

We craft content for Swiss and French clients that is informative and easy to read.

We care about our clients’ reputations. So all our work is written and quality-checked in-house, to ensure it is flawlessly accurate and easy to read, and exactly fulfils your needs.

We know the financial services industry inside out, so your message will always get the most in-depth, up-to-date professional treatment.

Most of our clients are Swiss or French, and we’re closely in touch with developments in these markets. We’ve worked on numerous high-profile events, campaigns and technical documents for financial and non-financial clients.

Our fields of expertise are primarily:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Investment services
  • Occupational pensions
  • Investor relations
  • Media relations
  • Financial regulation
  • Legal instruments


We have been translating for more than 20 years and have university-level qualifications in our source languages as well as master’s degrees in translation.

A well-written translation reflects positively on your company's image and professionalism. Based on our subject-area expertise, we know exactly which words and turns of phrase to use.

Translation is increasingly seen as a commodity, generated by machines. Our view is that good writing originates in the soul, not on the motherboard or in the cloud.

Put us to the test and read the difference.


We provide three types of English editing service:

Substantive editing: reshaping English text into fluent, idiomatic, native English

Copy-editing: checking for consistency and applying house style, correcting grammar and punctuation mistakes, and improving overall readability

Proofreading: a final check for any mistakes that have slipped through the net

Send us your text and we’ll take a look.


Michael has lived and worked in Switzerland for the past 15 years. Before that he spent six years working for an investment bank in Paris as a staff translator.

He switched to become a freelancer in 2006, then in 2013 started building out a team of associates to offer quality assurance in house, pooling a range of different skillsets and fields of expertise under one roof.

Michael and his team are dedicated to producing content that is on target, on time and fulfils your needs.

Professional memberships:

  • Certified member of ASTTI (the Swiss Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters).
  • Member of Mediterranean Editors & Translators (MET)
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